History of wine cellar "Na Bařině"

sklep na barine

The original mark - Wine cellar Na Bařině was rebuilt in 1990 by Ing. Tomáš Bařina and continued in many years of tradiotion of our ancestrals. In last years was wine cellar Na Bařině takeover by Jan Bařina, Tomáš Bařina and Tomáš Hajduch. Our wine cellar is located at Čejkovice, south of Moravia, one of the hottest and third biggest wine village of Czech Republic, on street Na Bařině.

We have 1,4 ha of wine yards which is mostly 4 years old and lays on south positioned hills. Unique climate and postion of our wineyards are base of high quality of white or red variety of grapes. We are making selection of grapes, plants are based on two stems and every one of stem is cut on one expedition with maximum count of 6 buds. These method make it possible to have grapes spread equally and take kontrol of quality of grapes.

Our wines are from growing of grapes in vineyards as far as production of wine determinated for bottling and laying archives of wines, gastronomy, specializated shops and to private customers. Production is located in wine cellar Na Barine.

We are resumed in tradition of our ancestrals and make wines only from our own grapes from our vineyards. We used modern methods of fermentation in old tubs for red wines and with pure culture of ferment for white wines. Our wine is in temperature of 7°C before expedition from wine-vault. Wines are fully natural, with low contain of added sugar, without chemical conservation. We offer bottled qualitative and high mark wines. We are try to go by french way of terroir. Today wine cellar Na Bařině is a range of varietal wines that reflect this philosophy of allowing the varietal character to shine. Sourced from premium vineyards, the wines are a true expression of Southern Moravia varieties. Premium quality and contemporary labelling, the refreshed branding is recognisable by the distinctive brook, which is colour matched with each variety. Wines from our winery are fruit driven with spicy, full-flavoured styles that make them perfect food wines.

Some of our numerous awards: Kudyznudy.cz - tipy na výlet
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